Point of Ayr Beach / Talacre

Beach set well out near lighthouse

Nice beach, good sand, lighthouse makes it easy to find, good dune area, not much nudity on the beach, but off the beach mixed sunbathing, with lots of shelter from the wind
Textiles can not be prevented
Description of place: Point of Ayr
Facilities :Basic cafe - dressed
Nearby places to stay (textile)
Family or Adults only:Family friendly
Visitors per dayA couple of hundred
Naturists per day:Up to 50

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Point of Ayr / Talacre CH8 9SA Talacre , FLN
United Kingdom
53° 21' 25.3152" N, 3° 19' 19.9416" W
Flintshire GB


Point of Ayr Beach

is this beach in WALES or SCOTLAND??
It appears in the welsh section.
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Hi Sunshine

Last time I looked Point of Ayr Beach was still in Wales .. .

Yes there is a town called Ayr in Scotland I believe.

.. not the same place :)


Life .... Risk it today :)


Hi Will
never heard of this beach before but see there is a caravan holiday park nearby.
This beach is not mentioned in NUFF or when seached on internet.Which seems very rare as most beachesare noted elsewhere as well as here.

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Point of Ayr/Air = Talacre

I think this beach is sometimes referred to as Talacre. The OS also used to spell it as Point of Air.

Point of order ...

Funny you should say that - I have seen it spelt Point of Ayre and even Aire! Just to throw another spanner in the works.