Swanlake Bay near Tenby

Lovely beach backed by low cliffs. Access reasonable - about 10 minutes from main road

Naturist and textile harmony
Facilities :No food or drink sales
Nearby places to stay (textile)
Family or Adults only:Family friendly
Naturists per day:Up to 50

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Swanlake Bay near Tenby SA70 Tenby , PEM
United Kingdom
51° 38' 46.8168" N, 4° 49' 33.4452" W
Pembrokeshire GB


I've visited Swanlake Bay a

I've visited Swanlake Bay a few times recently. I haven't seen any other naturists (maybe too soon in the year, despite the lovely warm weather there), but the textiles have had no problem with me being the only nudist on the beach.

I would like to see more naturists here soon.

Over the past few years have

Over the past few years have visited Swanlake Bay on several occasions whilst stopping at Tything Barn. Have never seen more than a couple of other naturists there even in July. Must have been there on the wrong days. It really is a lovely beach though and well worth the walk to get to it.