dgbear50Other than people not chatting in the chat room!Thu, 13/06/2019 - 9:32pm
dgbear50I'm lucky; I don't seem to have any probs with chat.Thu, 13/06/2019 - 9:32pm
admin2Geoff is looking into this issue.
Unfortuneatly 123 FlashChat no longer give customer support.
Accessing the chat room with non flash chat from the Quicklinks page also seems to work for some.
Thu, 13/06/2019 - 7:43pm
admin2The chat room issue is to do with the chat room server. It seems to be hit and miss with the link using https:// which is correct or http:// which is insecure and fails.
It seems those using a VPN have no issues.
Thu, 13/06/2019 - 7:42pm
Mulder66Why can't I enter the chatrooms? Timeouts everytimeThu, 13/06/2019 - 7:31pm
smoothbody2Now in Cap d'Agde 25-27 June - studio bookedThu, 13/06/2019 - 5:36pm
SurreyguySteve, I had loads of problems too. Only way I can get in through non flash chat tile from main menu. Try that!Thu, 13/06/2019 - 4:19pm
stevecSo a VPN would be.....?Thu, 13/06/2019 - 4:10pm
petergSteve, I had the said issues and likenPat says, a VPN seems to work ok, after I had tried everything else (•‿•)Thu, 13/06/2019 - 3:43pm
patThere are ongoing issues with accessing the chat rooms which are being looked in to. Some members find using a VPN to access chat has been successful.Thu, 13/06/2019 - 8:38am
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